Develop in-demand digital skills and kickstart a flexible freelance career in social media with our vocational training. Or build up your digital skills with our brand new Digital Retox course.

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Digital Mums Learn

Social Media

Foundation in Social Media Marketing

Build your knowledge

Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing in just 2-3 hours per week and build key 21st century skills. Suitable for all students from any professional background.

Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Work with a real business

Upskill in social media marketing by working with a real business. Suitable for those with backgrounds in marketing; communications; public relations; journalism; television/broadcast media; advertising; business development.

Digital Retox

Digital-skills building

Invest in your future

Get the next generation digital skills needed to thrive in the modern workplace and learn how to future-proof your career through lifelong learning.

How It Works

Training made for mums

The perfect fit

We've designed our training with and for mums. All your learning is done completely remotely and online, and is purpose-built to be flexible enough to fit around your busy life. That's why over 90% of our students successfully complete our training.

Regain your career confidence

Get hands-on

We're all about helping women build their career confidence and their skills. On our social media courses, you'll spend 6 months designing and delivering a real social media campaign. On the Digital Retox, you'll complete weekly practical tasks to put your new-found tips and tricks into practice.

Become a life-long learner

This is just the start

We're firm believers in life-long learning and our training is designed to bring this out in our students. Whether it's accessing ongoing content like our Do The Hustle course or discovering tricks and tools to continue your learning on our Digital Retox, we'll equip you with the right resources to succeed.

Why It's Awesome

Digital Mums #WorkThatWorks for you

#WorkThatWorks for you

Our training is designed to empower you with the skills, self-confidence, and self-belief to return to the workplace and hustle for the roles - and pay - you deserve or make positive changes in your current career.

Digital Mums  Proven results

Proven results

We know what it takes to prepare students to build successful and sustainable careers. 4 in 5 of our vocational students have found rewarding work that works thanks to us within 12 months of graduating and 8 in 10 of our Digital Retoxers say they’ve developed their digital skills set.

Digital Mums Future-proof your career

Future-proof your career

Within the next two decades, 90% of jobs will require some digital proficiency and businesses are crying our for digital-first professionals. We'll equip you with the skills and knowledge to future-proof your career and stay relevant for years to come.

Women supporting women

Unlock your flexible
freelance career

Ready to gain in-demand social media skills and kickstart your new flexible freelance career? Click here to get more info on our accredited training.

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