Gain practical on-the-job experience during your digital work placement. Design and execute a real social media campaign for a live client and gain complete confidence in your new digital skills.

Digital Mums Advanced

Work with a real business and be job-ready within six months

The Detail

Skills you'll learn

While on the Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage an effective multi-platform social media campaign
  • Develop social media strategies with clear measureables for clients
  • Manage a client as a social media freelancer
  • Set up and optimise social media platforms
  • Use hashtags and create your own
  • Use paid social media advertising
  • Find and engage with key influencers
  • Develop content strategies to reach your target audiences
  • Use tools to help with time management
  • Report on KPIs for clients
  • Understand return on investment
  • Set yourself up as a freelancer
  • Audit your clients' and competitors' channels
  • Find clients to work with

Why it's awesome

By joining this programme, you'll receive:

  • 350+ hours of real experience designing a campaign and managing social media channels for a real business - this is no light-touch course!
  • A reference from your live client to put on your CV
  • Cutting-edge training focused on getting you job-ready
  • Monday-Friday support from the Digital Mums team
  • A clear step-by-step process to learn how to set yourself up as a freelancer
  • Ongoing training resources upon finishing
  • Access to the #DMCollective, our online community of social media professionals

Who it's for

It's an Advanced Diploma, so to qualify you'll need a background in one of the following: marketing; communications; public relations; journalism; television/broadcast media; advertising; or business development. We just teach you how to apply your existing skills to the digital world. If you don't have that background or want a less demanding course that still up-skills you and gets you job-ready, check out our Foundation in Social Media Marketing.

Time and Cost

You will need to commit at least 15 hours of your time each week . The cost is £3,750 (£4,500 inc. VAT), which you can pay either upfront or contact us for payment plan options.

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Success Stories

Digital Mums The Ideal

The Ideal

Digital Skills Upgrade

"Retraining has made me digitally relevant and I now offer social media management as a service at my PR consultancy. Digital Mums has taken my career to the next level." Jenni Page

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Digital Mums I Have The Perfect

I Have The Perfect

Freelance Career

"I was unsure what to do career wise before Digital Mums. I now have four social media clients and work from home in school hours. It's the best of both worlds!" Sarah Bennett

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Digital Mums I Retrained While

I Retrained While

On Maternity Leave

"When my bosses said I had to go back full-time, I had to think fast. Within six months, I'd found my own clients and set myself up as a freelancer. I never went back!" Rachel Tajhbai

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Delivery Team

Digital Mums Elvira Tynan

Elvira Tynan

Co-Head of Learning

Elvira is our Co-Head of Learning, responsible for the delivery of our innovative REAL Learning Programmes, designed to get our students job ready. An Irish-Colombian mum living in (& loving) SE London.

Digital Mums Anita Naik

Anita Naik

Captain of the Mothership

Anita is one of the Captains of the Mothership on G+. She also facilitates between Programme Partners and Trainees so part fixer, part agony aunt, part Equalizer!

Digital Mums Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler

Social Media Expert

Sarah is our Social Media Expert, providing strategic insight and support to students on their journey to world domination in Social Media Management. Loves to laugh til she cries, drink wine and eat chocolate & gherkins (but not together).


    Digital Mums REAL learning

    REAL learning

    Learn social the Digital Mums' way

    We’re the only UK social media training company offering REAL learning. REAL learning is learning by doing - this ‘on the job’-style training prepares our students for the job market in a way no other training course comes close to.