The Course

Learn vital digital skills, discover a new career direction and find your perfect work/life balance. With our innovative training, you gain real world social media management experience. Within six months you're ready to set up as a freelance social media manager.

Digital Mums The Course

Retrain in social media management and start a freelance flexible career from home

The Detail

Skills you'll learn

While on this programme, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage an effective multi-platform social media campaign
  • Set up and optimise social media platforms
  • Use hashtags and create your own
  • Use paid social media advertising
  • Find and engage with key influencers
  • Develop content strategies to reach your target audiences
  • Use tools to help with time management
  • Report on KPIs
  • Set yourself up as a freelancer
  • Find clients to work with
  • Audit clients' and competitors' channels

Why it's awesome

By joining this course, you'll receive:

  • 350+ hours of live experience running a social media campaign - this is no light touch course!
  • Immersive and comprehensive training that gets you job-ready
  • A clear step-by-step process to learn how to set yourself up as a freelancer
  • Monday-Friday support from the Digital Mums team
  • Ongoing training resources upon finishing
  • Access to the #DMCollective, our online community of social media professionals

Who it's for

All mums who are interested in a flexible career in social media management, regardless of background, previous experience, or how long you've been out of work.

Time and Cost

The Course lasts 24 weeks, excluding 4-5 weeks of holiday as well as three weeks of on-boarding prior to the first week of learning.

You will need to commit 15 hours of your time each week. The cost is £1,749 (£2,100 inc. VAT), which you can pay either upfront or in 2 separate payments, 3 months apart. Our next available cohort starts this January.

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What Happens Next

Time to find

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Fill out our application form and one of our team will be touch to arrange a chat to ensure you're the right fit and you appreciate the commitment you'll need to succeed. You can also read more about Digital Mums on our blog or check out the FAQs for more course information.

Get started

on your journey

In the first week, we'll introduce you to your Social Media Expert and peer support group. You'll also start working on your live social media campaign right away. While the learning is online and remote, the support of the Digital Mothership is never far away.

From trainee

to fully qualified

Within six months or twelve months for our extended course, you'll be ready to find clients as a social media manager working from home. We'll show you how to set yourself up as a freelancer and you'll also get to join our incredibly supportive alumni community, the #DMCollective.

Success Stories

Digital Mums Amazing


Part-Time Work

"I had no idea such fulfilling and creative part-time work existed. I used to work in an office full-time but now I have a job I love and can do flexibly from home that fits around my family." Lucy James

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Digital Mums The Confidence Boost

The Confidence Boost

I've Needed

"After five years at home, my confidence was at an all-time low and I had no clue what to do next career-wise. Yet here I am, six months later, as an established social media manager!" Helen Manchip

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Digital Mums Finally, No More

Finally, No More

Office Life

"9-5 hours, long commutes and expensive childcare wasn't the life I wanted anymore. Digital Mums has given me a different kind of work life where I'm finally in charge." Cessally Collison

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Delivery Team

Digital Mums Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Social Media Guide

Karen can be found hitching a ride with students on their digital learning journey. In return, she provides support, encouragement and a bit of well-placed feedback to get those campaign engines revving.

Digital Mums Gill Munro

Gill Munro

Social Media Guide

Gill provides expert support for our students during their learning. She can spot a frown, and turn it upside down, in a flash. She is also working on Product Development for Digital Mums.

Digital Mums Anita Naik

Anita Naik

Captain of the Mothership

Anita is one of the Captains of the Mothership on G+. She also facilitates between Programme Partners and Trainees so part fixer, part agony aunt, part Equalizer!

Digital Mums Claire Bingham

Claire Bingham

Social Media Guide

Claire is one of our Social Media Guides. Her role is to support our mums on their Digital Mums journey with hangouts and feedback to help them deliver totally awesome and kick ass campaigns.

Digital Mums Becca Johns

Becca Johns

Social Media Guide

Becca guides our students throughout their Digital Mums journey with hangouts and feedback to ensure they deliver campaigns that smash their goals. She is hopelessly addicted to Twitter and Diet Coke.


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    REAL Learning

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