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Yes it is. Both our Social Media Management Course and our Social Media Marketing: Associate Programme are formally accredited with the CPD Certification Service, the UK's foremost vocational and skills-based certification bodies. All graduates receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance upon completion of our training.

It depends what weeks your holiday falls on. Because our training programmes are focused around running a live, real-time campaign, it’s vital students do not miss out weeks and fall behind. We have set holiday dates that we break for and we advise students to match up their holidays with these. If you have a holiday planned, get in touch with our Admissions Team to let us know and we can direct you to the right cohort for you.

We can’t guarantee you work at the end of it. However, we do place a very heavy emphasis on how to find your own clients in the training itself, as we know this is something many of our students are interested in. Once you have completed your training, you can access our bonus content, which includes tips and activities on finding your own clients. You’ll also get our freelancer pack, which includes client contract templates, invoices, time sheets, etc. so you have everything you need to kickstart your new career.. 

You need a decent laptop with a webcam that can handle video chatting software (Google Hangouts). Having a smartphone is vital too. 

Yes! Other students that join the course will be in the same boat. Through collaboration and team work, you'll see your confidence return in no time at all.

The main difference is that the Associate Programme involves a live client, while the Social Media Management Course involves running a bespoke campaign. Both focus on getting students practical, hands-on experience of using social media.

It really depends on what you go on to do afterwards. If you’re looking do work as a social media manager, inexperienced freelance social media managers can charge anywhere from £10-15. Like any freelancing role, the more experience you get, the more services and wraparound offers you can provide. There’s no reason why after 12 months you won’t be charging much more.

We recommend waiting at least a few months after having your child before joining one of our cohorts to ensure you get into a bit of a routine first.

Unfortunately not. Digital Mums was initially created in response to the fact that maternal unemployment was at a 26 year high in the UK. Our social mission is to exclusively support mums back to the workplace to help address this unjust imbalance.

The Course

We have a high level of demand for our course and a limited number of spaces. You’ll have to pass our application process to get through. The main things we are looking for are top notch writing skills and an interest in social media. Applications with typos won’t cut the mustard. 

You do not need any sort of Marketing or PR background to join this Course. However, if you do you’re still more than welcome to do it (and we have had multiple comms professionals join so far).

Most of the Course can be done exactly when you want to do it. However, there are weekly online sessions that are fixed in terms of date and time. These peer sessions are arranged when convenient to all the other students in your cohort - usually weekday evenings between 7-9pm.

Yes we do allow international students on our Social Media Management Course, although we have certain eligibility criteria you must fit to be accepted. If you live outside of the UK and are interested in our training then please email nina@digitalmums.org to find out more.

You can of course apply your learnings to another business as you move through the process with your training campaign, but you'll have to allow yourself more time to do so.

You’ll have to use one of our specific frameworks to help you get going, rather than start completely from scratch. But once you pick that, you can create your own unique campaign. 

The Programme

For this Programme, yes. Because it involves working with a real client from the get-go, students need relevant professional experience to be able to hit the ground running. If you don’t have this background, you can join our Social Media Management Course.

Unfortunately not. We have a high level of demand for our Programme and a limited number of spaces. You’ll need to fill out an application then have a phone interview with one of our team to get through.

You need to be able to commit 15-20 hours per week for the duration of the Programme. 

This is not a Programme you can coast by or choose to stop halfway through. It’s intensive and needs a full 15-20 hours per week commitment. Taking care of children on top of a full-time job AND then trying to commit 15 hours per week to us is going to be too much to fit in. We now only accept students that are working three days per week or less. We are launching a training programme specifically for mums working more days per week than this, so get in touch with nina@digitalmums.org to find out more

No. We’ll collect information about your interests to inform our matching process - ideally we would want you to have an interest in that business. But beyond this we can’t guarantee anything. This business is not your ‘forever client’ but rather a great opportunity to get in-the-field experience and a real reference. 

We try to pick organisations that have the potential to employ you afterwards, but we can’t guarantee you that they will. The reason we match you with them is to get client management experience, not for them to employ you. If they have the budget to do so when you finish then that’s a bonus. 

We’ve had students work with multiple clients, set up their own social media consultancies, speak at social media events, upskill to get new opportunites, and even set up their own agencies with other Digital Mums. The sky’s the limit really. 

Unfortunately not. Because all of our Programme Partners are UK based, we need all students to be UK-based too.

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