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Social Media Training

Yes it is. Both our Social Media Management Course and our Social Media Marketing: Associate Programme are formally accredited with the CPD Certification Service, the UK's foremost vocational and skills-based certification bodies. All graduates receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance upon completion of our training.

It depends what weeks your holiday falls on. Because our training programmes are focused around running a live, real-time campaign, it’s vital students do not miss out weeks and fall behind. We have set holiday dates that we break for and we advise students to match up their holidays with these. If you have a holiday planned, get in touch with our Admissions Team to let us know and we can direct you to the right cohort for you.

We can’t guarantee you work at the end of our training. However, once you successfully graduate, you’ll access our Do The Hustle Course, a four week bonus course focused on helping you to set up as a freelancer and find paying clients. You'll also become part of our graduate community the #DMCollective, our amazing alumni network. However, ultimately the onus is on you to go out and find work - our job is to give you the confidence, skills and support to help you make it a reality.

You need a decent laptop with a webcam that can handle video chatting software (Google Hangouts). Having a smartphone is vital too.

The main difference is that the Associate Programme involves a live client, while the Social Media Management Course involves running a bespoke campaign. Both focus on getting students practical, hands-on experience of using social media.

Then for the Social Media Management Course we have two versions - one that lasts six months with a 15 hours per week time commitment and another for working mums that lasts 12 months with a seven hour per week time commitment.

It varies, but when we surveyed our graduates we found the average hourly wage was £19 for Social Media Management Course graduates and £21 for Associate Programme graduates. Like any freelancing role, the more experience you get, the more services and wraparound offers you can provide. There’s no reason why you won’t be charging much more soon after.

Unfortunately not. Digital Mums was initially created in response to the fact that maternal unemployment was at a 26 year high in the UK. Our social mission is to exclusively support mums back to the workplace to help address this unjust imbalance.

For the Associate Programme it's 15-20 hours.

For the Social Media Management Course lasting six months it's 15 hours per week.

For our 12 month Social Media Management Course for working mums it's seven hours.

We have a high level of demand for our course and a limited number of spaces. You’ll have to pass our application process to get through. The main things we are looking for are top notch writing skills and an interest in social media. Applications with typos won’t cut the mustard.

For the Associate Programme, yes. Because it involves working with a real client from the get-go, students need relevant professional experience to be able to hit the ground running. If you don’t have this background, you can join our Social Media Management Course, which is available for students from any professional background.

We accept students from most EU countries and in some cases from countries outside the EU too into our Social Media Management Course. If you live outside of the UK and are interested in our training then please email nina@digitalmums.org to find out more. If you live outside of the UK and are interested in our training then please email nina@digitalmums.org to find out more.

Yes you can join our 12 month Social Media Management Course, which we created specifically for mums working full-time. The weekly time commitment is only seven hours per week so you can fit it around your work and family commitments.

Digital Retox

For those taking the Full Version of the course, the time commitment is around 5-6 hours per week and the course will last 12 weeks. If you do the Self-Paced version then it is 3-4 hours per week and it will last 10 weeks.

The Full Version is for students that have a bit more time per week. In the Full Vesion, students are put into peer groups and attend two weekly sessions per week, a weekly webinar and a peer group video chat. Each of these will last an hour and happen weekday evenings around 8pm. All students on the Full Version will complete a data analysis group project at the end of their training.

The Self-Paced Version is for students for whom a few hours a week of studying is already pushing it. It's slightly less time per week at 3-4 hours. Students won’t be in peer groups and they’ll only have one fixed online session per week, a weekly webinar, lasting one hour. There is no group project at the end.

Yes. You have a weekly webinar to attend once per week. These happen weekday evenings around 8pm for an hour at a time.

Those that opt for the Full Version will also be put into peer groups and you’ll have a weekly chat with your peer group for one hour each week as well. You'll arrange these at a time that's convenient for you.

Yes! The course is delivered online so it doesn’t matter where you are based as long as you can attend your weekly webinars. Because we’re based in the UK these will happen at a time most beneficial for the majority of our students, which is weekday evenings around 8pm GMT. So if you lived in New York for instance, you would have to commit to attending webinars around 3pm EST.

Absolutely not! Research shows that only 29% of digital jobs are held by people under the age of 35 in the UK. Unless you are literally about to retire, upskilling in digital is a smart way to future-proof your career and maximise your career earnings over the next few years and decades.

Unlike our vocational training, the Digital Retox is not specifically about social media or digital marketing. The Digital Retox is focused on giving you a digital toolkit that you can then go on to apply to anything else you need to, social media or otherwise. You’ll learn a little bit about some of the social media platforms and some aspects of marketing, but it’s definitely not the focus of the course.

Yes! The Digital Retox will immerse you in digital and help take your knowledge to the next level. It will teach you how to be a changemaker in your business, give you ideas for professional career development, and better position you to snag that pay raise and promotion you’ve been after.

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