Learn vital digital skills, discover a new career direction and find your perfect work/life balance. Our 10-week Foundation to Social Media Marketing course will teach you the fundamentals of social media marketing in 2-3 hours per week.

Digital Mums Foundation

Build an in-depth understanding of this fast-paced, exciting field

The Detail

Skills you'll learn

While on this course, you'll learn how to:

  • How to develop user/buyer personas to place the customer at the core of the social strategy
  • How to establish a strong sociable brand, and build an influencer and content strategy that feeds from it
  • The process for prioritising the right platforms for the right brand
  • The importance of data-driven decision-making for social strategy and the framework to continuously iterate and improve over time
  • A study into each of the major social media platforms, who uses the platform and why, how the algorithm works and the right strategy for success (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Why it's awesome

By joining this course, you'll receive:

  • Comprehensive training in the fundamentals of social media marketing
  • A live learning experience. We run interactive live lessons hosted by experts, so you can ask us questions in real time and we can test your understanding through polls and quizzes.
  • Over 60 lessons - this course will give you comprehensive knowledge of this in-demand industry.
  • Great support from the Digital Mums team. Our team has supported 2,000 other students just like you to learn in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Who it's for

It’s perfect if you:

  • Run your own business and want to see more success on your social channels.
  • Want to learn more about social media marketing to explore a career in this industry.
  • Want to add in-demand digital expertise to your CV.
  • Love learning and want to round out your digital knowledge.

Time and Cost

The course lasts 10 weeks and you will need to commit 2-3 hours of your time each week. The cost is £499 inc. VAT, which you pay upfront.

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Time to find

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Sign up to receive our Foundation in Social Media Marketing Syllabus and more details on the training. There's no application needed for the course - simply sign up to secure your place.

Get started

on your journey

You'll learn all about the fundamentals of social media marketing and undergo weekly challenges to cement your learning. From strategy to each of the Big Four platforms, you'll learn all the skills needed to excel as a Social Media Marketer.

Build your skills

and confidence

After 10 weeks you will have a full understanding of what goes into a successful social media strategy. This course will open up fresh opportunities, build your confidence, and help you develop in-demand social media skills.

Delivery Team

Digital Mums Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Social Media Expert

Karen can be found hitching a ride with students on their digital learning journey. In return, she provides support, encouragement and a bit of well-placed feedback to get those campaign engines revving.

Digital Mums Gill Munro

Gill Munro

Social Media Expert

Gill provides expert support for our students during their learning. She can spot a frown, and turn it upside down, in a flash. She is also working on Product Development for Digital Mums.

Digital Mums Anita Naik

Anita Naik

Captain of the Mothership

Anita is one of the Captains of the Mothership on G+. She also facilitates between Programme Partners and Trainees so part fixer, part agony aunt, part Equalizer!

Digital Mums Becca Johns

Becca Johns

Social Media Expert

Becca guides our students throughout their Digital Mums journey with hangouts and feedback to ensure they deliver campaigns that smash their goals. She is hopelessly addicted to Twitter and Diet Coke.

Digital Mums Kathryn Dyer

Kathryn Dyer

Captain of the Mothership

Kathryn is one of the Captains of The Mothership - essentially she is one of the social media experts who helps answer queries on a day-to-day basis for our Digital Mums. She's equal parts agony aunt and motivator, ensuring students enjoy their time learning with us.

Digital Mums Elvira Tynan

Elvira Tynan

Co-Head of Learning

Elvira is our Co-Head of Learning, responsible for the delivery of our innovative REAL Learning Programmes, designed to get our students job ready. An Irish-Colombian mum living in (& loving) SE London.


    Digital Mums REAL Learning

    REAL Learning

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    We’re the only UK social media training company offering REAL learning. REAL learning is about learning by doing - this ‘on the job’-style training prepares our students for the job market in a way no other training course comes close to.