Marvel star harshly criticizes MCU filming: it was “soul-destroying”

Working on a movie can be exhausting. Marvel star Ray Winstone can tell you a thing or two about that, as he would have loved to have done the reshoots for 'Black Widow'.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is known for its attention to detail and epic battles. Actors therefore have to have a lot of patience and stamina when shooting the films. The Marvel films also rely on reshoots to perfect the result for the big screen. These reshoots are a real ordeal for some actors. Ray Winstone, who played the villain Dreykov in “Black Widow”, complained about this to the Radio Times.

Winstone was contractually obliged to return for further filming after the actual end of the shoot. However, he himself was not enthusiastic about this. The actual work on “Black Widow” was fine, but Winston had the following to say about the reshoots:

“Then you find out that a few producers have come down, and your performance is too much, it’s too strong… That’s the way Marvel works. It can be soul-destroying because you feel like you’re doing great work.”

However, the reshoots were not due to Winstone’s performance, but are standard procedure at Marvel. After the actual shoot, the footage is reviewed and then optimized with additional days of shooting. However, the situation on the “Black Widow” set must have become heated, because Ray Winston also talks about how he was ready to cancel the project altogether:

“I actually said, ‘You ought to recast it because that was it for me. And you end up doing it again because you’re contracted to do it.”

The actor also tells the Guardian that not every role is a project close to his heart. He would only take on some jobs because he had to earn money. In the case of the “Black Widow” shoot, the contract only gave him the option of sticking with it. The consequences would have been clear to him if he had dropped out, he tells the Radio Times:

“Otherwise you end up in court. It’s like being kicked in the balls.”

In the end, Winstone finished work on the film and escaped a contractual penalty.

Winstone is part of two new Netflix products

According to Variety, actor Ray Winstone is currently on a press tour for several of his new projects. In the Netflix series “The Gentlemen”, for example, he plays a drug lord and in “Damsel” he plays the role of Princess Elodie’s (Millie Bobby Brown) father. Two projects that are very different in their content.

In “The Gentlemen”, the main character Edward Hornimann (Theo James) is appointed head of the family after the death of his father. His duties not only include running the manor house, his father also appears to have been the head of a cannabis empire. How Edward deals with these events remains to be seen. Anyone interested in the new Netflix series can stream “The Gentlemen” from March 7, 2024.

One day later, “Damsel” will be released. In this fantasy film, Princess Elodie tries to take her fate into her own hands. The royal family has to settle an old debt and Elodie is to be fed to a dragon as a sacrificial offering. But the princess decides to fight this very dragon. Whether she is successful can be seen for yourself from March 08. 2024 to see for yourself. The movie will then be available on Netflix.

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