Masters of the Universe: Revolution Season 2: Is there a sequel to the new He-Man series?

The battle for Eternia is over, but new dangers await He-Man. Will the adventure continue for the "Masters of the Universe" in "Revolution" season 2?

With the support of his deceased father, Prince Adam has succeeded in freeing Eternia from Skeletor’s reign of terror. However, not all dangers have been averted. The end of “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” already hints that He-Man and his allies will soon have to deal with an even greater threat. Has Netflix already laid the foundations for season 2 or part 2?

When does “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” season 2?

It is not yet known whether Netflix will extend “Masters of the Universe: Revolution” will be extended for a second season. However, as the He-Man series currently comprises five episodes, it is quite possible that a second part with five more episodes could be on the cards. At least that was the case with “Masters of the Universe: Revelation’ was the case. The 2021 title acts as the predecessor to ‘Revolution’ and was released in two parts with five episodes each.

The final episode “The Sceptre and the Sword” also hints that evil will once again turn against Adam. Whether this will happen as part of “Revolution” season 2 or in a new “Masters of the Universe” series remains to be seen. Provided Netflix has five more episodes up its sleeve, the sequel – as with its predecessor “Revelation” – could possibly await us in the course of 2024. However, if a new He-Man series has to be commissioned instead, the wait could be significantly longer.

“Masters of the Universe: Revolution” Part 2: What could happen next?

Warning: Spoilers follow for “Masters of the Universe: Revolution”

After his victory against Keldor aka Skeletor, He-Man aka Adam has dissolved the monarchy in Eternia. From now on, the people are to rule themselves. They will be assisted by Andra, whose services as Man-at-Arms are no longer required (for the time being). Everything looks like a happy ending for He-Man and Teela, too, while Keldor stews in the dungeon. Meanwhile, Lyn is accepted into the ranks of the Cosmic Enforcers by Zalesia as thanks for her efforts to maintain balance in Lord Zodak’s universe.

So, all’s well that ends well? Not quite, because before the credits roll across the screens, we see that Horde Prime is trying to restore Hordak’s strength. As soon as he has recovered, a devastating attack is imminent: together they are not only targeting Skeletor, but also He-Man. So might the rivals soon have to join forces to stand up to Hordak and Horde Prime? At least He-Man has promised Eternia that he will always be ready for battle:

“For now, Eternia has earned a well-deserved rest. But should the forces of evil ever rise again to cast a shadow over the heart of Eternia, I will always be there for you.”

How and when it will continue remains to be seen. In the meantime, you can look forward to other series highlights on Netflix that will be launched over the course of the year:

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