Mindhunter Season 3: Lead actor gives new hope despite cancellation

After years of uncertainty, Netflix's "Mindhunter" has officially been canceled. Five years after the last episode, however, one of the main actors is now giving new hope.

The nerve-wracking true crime series “Mindhunter” has built up a loyal fan base, but for a long time they were left in uncertainty about the future of the series. Since 2019, the series from director and producer David Fincher has been quiet, but he finally spoke out last year – with a clear message. Almost a year later, however, one of the two main actors is giving fans new hope.

Mindhunter: Season 3 canceled – is there still hope?

Both lead actor Holt McCallany and David Fincher have repeatedly expressed their interest and goodwill towards “Mindhunter”. In the end, however, Fincher admitted that the second season had taken a lot out of him, which is why he wanted to temporarily withdraw from the series anyway (via DigitalSpy). Nonetheless, there have since been talks about the future of the series, which was originally supposed to run for up to five seasons. While season 2 director Andrew Dominik spoke about the current situation and the content plans for season 3 (see below, Collider), it is now David Fincher himself who has a clear answer.

In an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche, Fincher confirms the final end for “Mindhunter”. He is very grateful to Netflix for the trust they have placed in him so far, but also understands that the high production costs cannot be reconciled with the streaming figures to date. After almost four years of waiting, fans at least know where they stand.

Holt McCallany gives fans new hope

As we all know, hope dies last, and this is probably also the case with “Mindhunter”. Tench actor Holt McCallanny has recently spoken out. For fans, his statement to Awards Daily is probably a kind of last straw to cling to at the moment:

“I’ve heard that David’s thought about it. I’m not saying it’s going to come back. But what I am saying is that if it comes back, I’m coming back with it. You can take that to the bank, but it’ll depend on what David wants to do. It’s been a few years now, so it’s probably unlikely, but just even that he would think about it is a hopeful sign. “

Whether David Fincher will really change his mind remains to be seen. At the moment, however, we are not expecting a U-turn.

Mindhunter Season 3: This is how it would have gone on for Holden and Tench

The series is based on the non-fiction book by FBI profiler John E. Douglas, who is the real-life role model for protagonist Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff). The Netflix series has already dealt with some of the well-known criminals Douglas has interviewed over more than 25 years of work, such as Ed Kemper, Charles Manson and the BTK killer. More books are available for a third season.

As director Dominik has revealed (see above, Collider), Holden and Tench (HoltMcCallany) should finally make the step out of the basement office, out into the public eye and into people’s consciousness in season 3. Geographically, the duo, probably still supported by Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), would have moved to Hollywood. Specifically, interviews with Michael Mann and Jonathan Demme were planned. However, we probably won’t get to see any of that – what a shame!

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