Outlander Season 8: Jamie actor gives update on production status – all info on the finale

The time has come: fans of the Fraser clan must prepare to say goodbye. Find out what the final eighth season of “Outlander” has in store and what else you can expect from the “Highland saga” here.

The end was foreseeable, but it still comes too soon for some fans: Starz has renewed its flagship programme “Outlander” for a final eighth season. After that, the historical drama will come to an end – at least for the time being, as the Highland saga is getting a prequel. However, fans in this country are still waiting for the second half of season 7 and we will probably have to be patient until we get to see the final episodes of season 8.

Outlander Season 8: Release Date

As is so often the case, the so-called “Droughtlander”, i.e. the waiting time between two seasons, will be somewhat longer. In this case, the delay is partly due to the fact that season 7 is particularly long and will be broadcast in two halves. Added to this were the Hollywood strikes last year, which probably also put this production by US pay TV channel Starz on hold. At the end of 2023, lead actor Sam Heughan at least gave a small update in his Instagram story – work on the final episodes is underway. If there are no further complications, we hope that the eighth season will start in 2025. Anyone waiting for the final episodes of “Outlander” to be added to the Netflix programme will unfortunately have to be even more patient.

Outlande Series Finale: How will it end?

Despite the novel, it is difficult to predict what to expect in season 8 without the full release of the previous season. As “Outlander” creator and executive producer Diana Gabaldon revealed to Entertainment Weekly, the series is set to conclude with the tenth book, which has not yet been published. She already has a specific final scene in mind, but does not yet know how to get there. Accordingly, a lot is still open for the eighth season of “Outlander”.

A Consolation After Season 8: New series from the “Outlander” cosmos is already available

Even though it’s time to say goodbye, fans don’t have to be sad for long. After all, a new book from the Highland saga awaits them, and Starz has also ordered a prequel series called “Blood of My Blood”, which deals with Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) parents. So there’s plenty more to come and we can look forward to seeing what other stories the Fraser clan has in store for us.

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