Percy Jackson Season 2 Confirmed: Disney officially orders new episodes of the fantasy saga

It's official: "Percy Jackson" season 2 has been given the green light. Further episodes are already being worked on.

The grand season finale of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” has brought the legendary demigod’s (Walker Scobell) first mission to a fitting conclusion. But a dream reveals to the boy that the danger is far from over. The first ideas for the sequel are already in place, as novelist and series producer Rick Riordan revealed to

“Nothing is greenlit yet. Nothing is confirmed, but we did have a first sort of short writer’s room that at least allowed us to kind of sketch out what Season 2 would look like if it is approved and where the story would start. […] I don’t know, but I’m hopeful..”

‘Percy Jackson’ Season 2: Sequel already in the works

As Screen Rant reported, new scripts were already being worked on in spring 2023 – according to “Percy Jackson” creator Rick Riordan. According to The Direct, Jonathan E. Steinberg, who also had a hand in the first season, is set to be the showrunner and executive producer. Although Disney had not yet given the final go-ahead for the second season at the time, Steinberg told Deadline that plans had long been in place:

“I think everyone has a real hope that this will live a long and healthy life. Right now, we’re trying to deal with step one. But we’d be lying if we said there weren’t people who are thinking about step two right now.”

Those responsible for the fantasy series must have just popped the champagne corks, because as Disney boss Bob Iger announced in the quarterly report, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” has been renewed for another season (via Deadline). Ayo Davis, President of Disney Branded Television, praised the strengths of the series:

“Rich in magic, wonder, adventure and heart, Percy Jackson and the Olympians captivated the imaginations of viewers of all ages everywhere,” said Ayo Davis, president, Disney Branded Television. “We’re thrilled to embark on an exciting new quest and a season two with Rick Riordan, our fantastic partners at 20th Television, and the exceptional ensemble of cast and creative talent that bring this story to life.”

When will “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” season 2 start on Disney+?

With the “go” from Disney for “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” season 2, filming can presumably begin shortly. According to CinemaBlend, executive producer Dan Shotz is not worried that the main actors will outgrow their roles, but there shouldn’t be too much time, as Netflix’s fantasy horror hit “Stranger Things” has proven in recent years. However, the novel has one advantage, as Shotz emphasizes:

“One of the benefits, you know, with the hope of making more of these is every book starts a year later. So there is a good time jump between each book. You go to the next summer. So, maybe some growth spurts happen during that time, but these are the kids and they are perfect. So, I’m excited to see hopefully what they can do going forward.”

Particularly in view of the fact that the five “Percy Jackson” books could, with a bit of luck, give fans five series seasons, it would still be desirable to start filming in 2024. “Percy Jackson” season 2 could then be expected in 2025.

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians”: post-credit scene and ending explained

Warning: Spoilers for the end of the first season follow!

After Percy was able to avert the impending war and uncover Luke’s (Charlie Bushnell) betrayal, everything looks like a happy ending for now: Hades (Jay Duplass) has released Percy’s mother (Virginia Kull) from the realm of the dead and the young demigod is allowed to spend the summer with her. Nevertheless, Kronos appears to him in a dream and assures him with the words “your survival is the key to my return” that he will not admit defeat. This makes it clear to Percy that he and the demigods are in for another battle. As he does not want to unsettle his mother, he does not tell her the whole truth about this vision.

The credits then roll on the screen, but you shouldn’t switch off at this point, as a mid-credit scene awaits you. In it, we see Percy’s stepfather Gabe (Timm Sharp) complaining on the phone to his lawyer about his divorce from Sally Jackson. When he arrives at the apartment they used to share, he discovers that the lock has been changed. Although he can’t get inside, a package has been left for Percy outside the door. However, it’s not just any package, but the very one that Percy sent to the gods in Olympus in episode 3. Inside is the head of Medusa. As Gabe opens the parcel and doesn’t look away, he turns to stone.

“Percy Jackson” season 2 plot: Which book will be adapted?

At the center of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Season 2 would be the second book in the series, entitled “Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters”. In it, Camp Half-Blood is threatened by the Cyclops Polyphemus. To save the demigods, Percy, Annabeth and Grover must track down the Golden Fleece. But the sea of monsters stands between them and the object of their desire…

Executive producer Becky Riordan could turn her attention to her favorite book, as she revealed to Deadline:

“‘Sea of Monsters is one of my favorites. I really love that we’re going to have more time with Grover, so I’m hoping that happens. It will be fabulous, because Aryan [Simhadri, who plays Grover] is amazing actor.”

Cast: Who would be in “Percy Jackson” season 2?

According to Riordan’s statement, Aryan Simhadri would be back as Grover Underwood in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” season 2. Accordingly, Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson and Leah Jeffries as Annabeth Chase would probably remain. In line with the plot of the second book, we can also expect a reunion with Dionysus, Chiron, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Clarisse La Rue, Hermes and Luke Castellan, which is why Jason Mantzoukas, Glynn Turman, Toby Stephens, Timothy Omundson, Dior Goodjohn, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Charlie Bushnell are likely to appear in front of the camera again.

In addition, several new characters need to be cast, including Percy’s classmate Tyson, Hephaestus’ son Charles, the Cyclops Polyphemus, Tantalus and the sorceress Circe. Those responsible also have to find a replacement for the late Lance Reddick, who played Zeus, the father of the gods, in the fantasy series. It is not yet known who will take on the role in the future.

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