Reacher Season 3: Amazon series deviates from the novel in new season

It's confirmed: Reacher will once again be supported by a familiar face in the third season. However, the series creators are straying far from the literary original.

In the recently concluded second season of “Reacher“, we were introduced to a host of new characters. However, the final episodes of Amazon’s action hit also featured a number of characters that we already know from the first season in 2022. According to ScreenRant, a reunion with one of these stars has now been announced for Reacher season 3.

The novel “The Janus Man” by Lee Child was recently officially confirmed as the basis for the third season of “Reacher”. In the seventh volume of the “Reacher” series, the titular hero is caught up with an enemy from his past: the traitor to the country named Xavier Quinn, who sadistically robbed a colleague of her life ten years ago, was once shot by Reacher for his outrageous deed. But a decade later, the stoic investigator discovers that the delinquent is not only alive, but also an important player in international arms smuggling.

In order to get close to Quinn and put an end to him once and for all, he infiltrates the ranks of carpet dealer Zachary Beck, who uses his business as a cover for drug smuggling and is connected to Quinn, as part of a DEA undercover operation. A familiar face will once again support the tall hero, Maria Sten has been confirmed to return as Frances Neagley for Reacher season 3.

The big deviation in Reacher season 3

Jack Reacher is known as a lone wolf. After serving as a military policeman in the U.S. Army, the cunning puzzle solver restlessly roams the United States of America, finding new allies from case to case. However, Frances Neagley, a friend from his past, occasionally turns up to support Reacher in his vigilante actions.

Frances Neagley appears in four “Reacher” novels: “Deadly Intent”, “Trouble”, “The Last Order” and “The Investigator”. The character is also mentioned in “The Hunted”. However, Neagley does not appear in the literary source material for “Reacher” season 3, so the series creators have taken the liberty of adapting the story a little accordingly for the new episodes.

The deviation from the novel may not be the only big surprise in “Reacher” season 3, because in “The Janus Man” the titular hero meets an adversary who – would you believe it – is even taller and stockier than Reacher. If the series creators pick up on this clash, we can look forward to a battle of the giants.

You can stream the first two seasons of “Reacher” with a Prime Video membership. The new episodes are currently in production and, with any luck, could be made available for you on the streaming service by the end of 2024.

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