Sex/Life Season 3 is Not Coming: Netflix cancels drama series after criticism from lead actress

Alongside the fans, series creator Stacy Rukeyser had also hoped for "Sex/Life" season 3. However, Netflix has now canceled the popular erotic series.

After the second season, everything looked set for a happy ending for Billie (Sarah Shahi), Cooper (Mike Vogel) and Brad (Adam Demos), but Stacy Rukeyser already had some ideas for Sex/Life Season 3 up her sleeve. However, the series creator will now have to keep them to herself, as Netflix has made short work of it and pulled the plug on the series.

Sex/Life Season 3 Canceled: Series creator wanted a sequel

The end of the second season already indicated that Netflix was not necessarily insisting on a third season of “Sex/Life“. The plans of series creator Stacy Rukeyser, who made it clear in an interview with Variety that “Sex/Life” should not end with season 2, were different:

““It’s definitely not intended to be a series finale. I believe there are always more stories to tell with these characters. We’d also be back to that prime question from Season 1, which is, can you have sex and life all at the same time, especially as a new mom.”

Nevertheless, Billie’s erotic adventures come to an end after the last six episodes, as Netflix has canceled the series.

No third season for “Sex/Life”: lead actress already criticized season 2

Netflix’s decision is also likely to play into the hands of lead actress Sarah Shahi, who was anything but enthusiastic about “Sex/Life” season 2, as she revealed in the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat” (via Entertainment Weekly):

“”There were other things that I just felt I couldn’t get behind, and it was just challenging. But that’s part of what I do. I’m not always gonna get along or agree with a filmmaker. I’m not always gonna like what I have to do or say. But that’s my job, to make it believable.””

In addition, Shahi criticized the fact that there were hardly any scenes together for her and life partner and fellow actor Adam Demos – even though the connection between Billie and Brad had once made the series so successful:

“”He’s like, in 60 seconds of the entire thing, I never saw him. The actress also took issue with the writing, calling some of the season 2 storylines gimmicky.”

And since Shahi already found this task difficult in season 2, it shouldn’t be too sad for her that Netflix canceled the series just one day after her public criticism. It is not known whether Shahi’s comments were the main reason for Netflix’s decision.

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