Taboo Season 2: A Long-Awaited Journey Continues

In 2017, the BBC sent shockwaves through the fanbase by confirming the return of Tom Hardy’s enthralling 19th-century drama, Taboo, for a second season.

Now, after six years of anticipation, the whispers of James Delaney and his league of the damned are beginning to resurface.

A Pledge to New Realms: The Creator’s Vision Unveiled

When Taboo’s second season was greenlit, creator Steven Knight tantalized fans with the promise of James Delaney exploring “many realities” as he leads his unconventional cohort into uncharted territories.

 James Delaney will continue to explore many realities as he takes his band of misfits to a new world, thanks to FX and the BBC, partners who could not be more suited to collaborating in ground breaking work.

Steven Knight
Taboo Season 2: A Long-Awaited Journey Continues

Executive producer Ridley Scott shared in the excitement, expressing a keen interest in continuing the adventures of the enigmatic Delaney and his league.

Reflecting on the success of the first season, BBC director of content, Charlotte Moore, acknowledged the unconventional decision to air the series on Saturday nights. The move, while described as both mad and inspired, proved to be a game-changer, establishing Taboo as a trailblazer for weekend drama.

Beyond the Norm: The Unfulfilled Desires of Season 1

As we look back on the inception of Taboo, it’s hard to ignore Tom Hardy’s original vision for a series even more ‘taboo.’ Leaked sequences featuring full frontal nudity led to compromises, preserving Delaney’s dignity with a strategically placed loin cloth.

Now, with the impending arrival of season two, both on the BBC and FX, the burning question remains – will Hardy’s transgressive desires find a canvas for expression this time?

Taboo Season 2: A Long-Awaited Journey Continues

Into the Unknown: What Season 2 Has in Store

The eagerly awaited Taboo season 2 is not just a continuation; it’s a journey into unexplored narrative territories. Show producer Dean Baker recently confirmed the commencement of work on the second installment, offering a glimmer of hope to devoted fans.

Speculation surrounding the release date suggests a plausible 2024 timeframe, weaving anticipation into the fabric of the Taboo narrative.

In May 2022, creators Steven Knight and Tom Hardy engaged in discussions, hinting at a production kickoff towards the end of the following year. The intricacies of schedules and narrative direction deliberations have prolonged the process, but the wait may be worth the while.

Behind the Scenes: The Creative Culprits

Taboo Season 2: A Long-Awaited Journey Continues

The delay in Taboo’s return can be attributed to the bustling schedules of both Steven Knight and Tom Hardy. Knight, the mastermind behind Peaky Blinders and other acclaimed projects, has been juggling multiple creative ventures. Meanwhile, Hardy, whose star has risen meteorically, has been busy with blockbuster projects like Venom and Capone.

Their recent collaboration on the adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations for BBC and FX, featuring Olivia Colman, has only added to the anticipation. Knight’s vision for this limited series hints at a captivating narrative, echoing the success of Taboo.

Plot Teasers: Where the Journey Takes Us

As fans brace themselves for the second season, speculations about the plot are rife. The first series concluded with Delaney and his allies setting sail for America, sparking curiosity about the destinations and challenges awaiting them. Steven Knight’s cryptic promise of “explosive stuff” hints at a gripping narrative awaiting eager audiences.

Taboo Season 2: A Long-Awaited Journey Continues

Hardy, in an intriguing revelation, contemplates diverse timelines for season two – a leap to the Sixties or a return to the 1800s, exploring events like the Napoleonic Wars and the American War of Independence. The possibilities are tantalizing, offering a blend of history, corruption, and the signature ‘taboo’ essence.

The Returning Cast: Who Stays and Who Departs

While Tom Hardy is the confirmed anchor for Taboo season two, speculation looms over the returning cast. Characters like Lorna Bow/Delaney (Jessie Buckley), Mark Gatiss, Stephen Graham, and others may reprise their roles. However, with a series known for its unpredictability, surprises may be in store.

As the narrative extends westward, into more narcotic and opium-affected territories, the dynamics of the existing characters and the introduction of new faces promise a riveting viewing experience.

Taboo Season 2: A Long-Awaited Journey Continues

The Future: A Three-Act Drama Unfolds

As the buzz around season two intensifies, the looming question is about the series’ longevity. Creator Steven Knight envisions a three-act structure for Taboo, where the first act was ‘the escape,’ the second is ‘the journey,’ and the third will be ‘the arrival.’ This structured approach hints at a deliberate and cohesive narrative arc, ensuring a captivating journey for viewers.

In essence, Taboo season 2 is not just a return; it’s a convergence of history, mystery, and the unconventional. As the wait continues, the prospect of unlocking the enigmatic world of James Delaney becomes all the more enticing.

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