The most powerful enemy of ‘The Walking Dead’ is yet to come – CRM explains

Although the Civic Republic Military has already appeared several times in "The Walking Dead" universe, the group around General Beale remains a mystery.

The Civic Republic Military, or CRM for short, is responsible for one of the most important key scenes in “The Walking Dead”. Despite this, not much is known about the military group. However, this will soon change with “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live“. In the Rick Grimes spin-off, we will not only find out how the former police officer fared after his abduction, but also delve deeper into the structures of the CRM.

Warning: Spoilers for “The Walking Dead”, “World Beyond”, “Daryl Dixon” and “Fear the Walking Dead” follow.

In the official trailer for the “TWD” spin-off, the CRM is described as “the most powerful military on the planet”:

The CRM explains: What is the Civic Republic Military all about?

The Civic Republic Military is a powerful military and law enforcement group characterized by trained, armed soldiers and access to combat resources such as weapons, helicopters, trucks, protective gear and uniforms. The aim is to protect the Civic Republic, the largest independent community in “The Walking Dead” universe with around 200,000 inhabitants, from zombies and enemy troops. However, safety is not the top priority for the CRM, but rather the desire to establish an unassailable position of power in the post-apocalypse.

Essentially, the CRM aims to restore civilization. However, humanity is to be redefined by focusing on an elitist character. Specialists such as scientists and engineers are given a special position. The ulterior motive is to develop a cure for the zombie virus in order to consolidate the aforementioned position of power.

Is the CRM evil?

The members of the CRM will stop at nothing to establish themselves as the rulers of the post-apocalyptic world: they prevent the survivors of the CR from leaving the commune. Anyone who could pose a threat to the newly built civilization and its inhabitants is eliminated from the world – even if they are members of their own ranks. In general, weaker people are denied the right to exist, as in the eyes of the CRM they merely consume valuable resources and are of no use to the continued existence of civilization. Anyone who wants to survive must make a contribution to civilization and also follow the instructions of the military.

It is therefore not surprising that parts of the Civic Republic are afraid of the Civic Republic Military, including Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon), a CR helicopter pilot who tells Morgan (Lennie James) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) about her fears and experiences in “Fear the Walking Dead”. Unlike the CRM, it can be assumed that the CR has no malicious intentions. The majority of the community is probably not even aware of the military’s devastating plans, as those responsible know how to cover this up – if necessary through intimidation, violence and murder.

Ever since the devastating attack on the alliance partners in Omaha and Lincoln (Nebraska), the CRM’s evil intentions can no longer be denied. The colonies were destroyed along with their inhabitants at the end of the first episode of “World Beyond” – a move that the CRM had planned for a long time. This allowed them to benefit from the alliances, but also to dispose of them without the risk of a counterattack before they became a liability.

Furthermore, in “The Walking Dead” spin-off “World Beyond”, it has been revealed that the CRM has resorted to immoral experiments to produce a cure for the zombie virus – on both infected and healthy people. In order to obtain fresh research subjects, the CRM has formed several alliances with various groups, such as Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the Scavengers.

‘The Walking Dead’ key scene: The CRM kidnapped Rick

One scene will probably remain in the memory of all ‘The Walking Dead’ fans forever, as it was largely responsible for the further course of the zombie series: at the beginning of the ninth season, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) sacrificed himself for the good of his community by blowing up a bridge and thus fending off a herd of biters heading for Alexandria. Contrary to the expectations of his allies, he did not lose his life, but was only seriously injured. Jadis, alias Anne, took advantage of the opportunity and the ignorance of Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and co. to hand Rick over to the CRM. In exchange, she hoped to gain more power and recognition within the structures of the military group.

As leader of the Scavengers, Jadis had already been in contact with the Civic Republic Military in order to exchange people for resources. Her victims are said to include Heath (Corey Hawkins), who disappeared in season 7 while on a raid for Alexandria. What ultimately happened to him has so far remained uncertain. It is possible that he was given a death sentence by Jadis’ classification system. Before she handed her victims over to the CRM, she had to assign them to one of two groups:

  • A: Combat-ready survivors with leadership qualities
  • B: Survivors who are unable or unwilling to fight

People with strong personalities (A) have been abused by the CRM for unethical experiments, as we learned in “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”. It is suspected that Jadis categorized Heath as A and that is why he died as a research subject. In the spin-off, however, Jadis revealed that she had classified Rick as a B, even though he would actually have been an A. The reason for this was that she wanted to save his life because she owed him that.

Where is the Civic Republic located?

In both “World Beyond” and “The Walking Dead” finale, a skyline was seen that provides clear clues as to where the Civic Republic – also known as the “hidden city” – is located. Although the city has not yet been mentioned by name, it is almost certainly Philadelphia (via ScreenRant). However, the community and its military group are keeping this information secret at all costs. Otherwise, there is a risk that other communities will join forces to steal their resources and put an end to their plans to seize power and develop cures.

There is also the possibility that members of the CRM have infiltrated other communities – possibly even the Commonwealth or Hilltop – in search of new strong personalities who could have been recruited for the Civic Republic. As often as survivors were lost on raids or scouting parties never returned and were presumed dead, this approach would probably not even have been noticed – not to mention that Jadis apparently stuck to her deal with the CRM even though she had already been accepted in Alexandria.

This also shows that the influence of the CRM extends far beyond Philadelphia. The armed forces have formed alliances all over the USA. It is not known whether its authority extends beyond the country’s borders. However, it can be assumed that the CRM even maintains contacts as far away as Europe, more specifically France. The final scene of “World Beyond” has already proven that the zombie apocalypse began in France and that the undead there have completely different characteristics to those on the American continent. The spin-off “Daryl Dixon” also proved this.

The offshoot gave us an insight into the “Pouvoir Des Vivants” movement, in which unethical experiments are carried out – just like at the CRM. In return, the scientists regularly expect deliveries from the USA, in which the undead are transported to Europe by ship. It is quite conceivable that both groups are united by a trade agreement to work together on a cure and supply each other with research objects and findings.

Tasks in the Civic Republic: decontamination

Anyone wondering what Rick Grimes’ job is in the trailer for “The Ones Who Live” will find answers in “World Beyond”: Season 2, we learn that Silas (Hal Cumpston) is placed in a decontamination camp away from the CR research facility in New York State after intentionally turning himself in to the CRM to save Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and Percy (Ted Sutherland). Both people found by the CRM and volunteers are housed there to prove themselves and work towards a place in the CRM training program.

The task is to attract biters with loud noises and light and blow them up – and thus clear the area around the CR of the undead. At the same time, research objects that have been equipped with a transmitter by the research facility are to be collected in an active state. The remaining undead are killed by the decontamination workers using spears. The latter is Rick’s job – recognizable by the weapon and the jacket that Silas and his colleagues were also wearing. Read this article to find out what else the trailer has revealed:

What does the CR and CRM logo mean?

The logo is emblazoned on the clothing of the CR, the uniforms of the CRM and also on any means of transportation used by the municipality and the military. It shows three overlapping circles that stand for the so-called “Alliance of Three”. This is an agreement between:

  • The Civic Republic
  • Portland (Oregon) and
  • Omaha (Nebraska) with the campus colony outpost in Lincoln

The purpose of the CRM’s pact is to gain access to new resources such as crops, medicine, weapons and occasionally skilled labor. Although the Civic Republic has formed significantly more alliances with other municipalities and communities in the USA, these were not as important for the military as the alliances with Portland and Omaha. Portland and Omaha are also networked with each other. If you’ve seen “World Beyond” in its entirety, it shouldn’t be news to you that the CRM doesn’t put much stock in the alliance.

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