The Terminal List Season 2 Confirmed: When will the sequel with Chris Pratt start on Amazon?

Good news for action fans: Amazon has given the green light for "The Terminal List" season 2 - with Chris Pratt in the lead role, of course.

After “Jack Ryan” and “Reacher”, Prime Video is slowly but surely becoming a home for action fans with “The Terminal List”. The series adapts the first book in the James Reece series by Jack Carr and immediately captivated audiences with its twisty and suspenseful story. Amazon now wants to build on the success of the first season and has therefore renewed “The Terminal List” for a second season (via Variety). There is definitely enough material for the sequel, as Carr has now written seven books about ex-Navy Seal James Reece:

  • Book 1: “The Terminal List”
  • Book 2: “True Believer”
  • Book 3: “Savage Son”
  • Book 4: “The Devil’s Hand”
  • Book 5: “In the Blood”
  • Book 6: “Only the Dead”
  • Book 7: “Red Sky Mourning” (will be published on May 14, 2024)

When will “The Terminal List” Season 2 start?

Antoine Fuqua (“The Equalizer”), director of the first episode and executive producer, and writer and showrunner David DiGilio (“Traveler”) revealed to ScreenRant before the official renewal: “Yes, we have a plan for every season ahead of us.” Accordingly, viewers were hoping for an early start to new episodes. However, it doesn’t currently look like “The Terminal List” season 2 will premiere anytime soon. No start date or production status is currently known. DiGilio already announced in summer 2022 that it could take a little longer:

“The only problem is that this guy (book author Jack Carr, editor’s note) writes a book a year and it takes us longer to produce a season.” (laughs)

With any luck, “The Terminal List” could return to Prime Video with season 2 at the end of 2024. However, this has not yet been confirmed. Instead, it is now known that fans can look forward to a “The Terminal List” prequel. The series, entitled “The Terminal List: Dark Wolf”, will follow the backstory of Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) and James Reece (Chris Pratt). Filming is scheduled to begin in spring 2024.

“The Terminal List” Season 2: What happens next?

Warning: Spoilers for the second book follow

The end of the first season already reveals that Reece is making his way to Mozambique. Accordingly, it would be most likely that those responsible will adapt the second book “Hatred”. In it, the titular hero seeks out the mysterious “R”, who turns out to be Raife Hastings, also a former Navy Seal. Together they have to track down a series of gruesome terrorist attacks and neutralize those responsible. While the US government has the Iraqi soldier Mohammed Farooq in its sights, Reece believes in the innocence of his former trainee. If you want to know what dangers Reece has to face in the course of the second novel, you can order the book now from Amazon.

Action films and series are very popular with the Prime Video audience. If you’ve already binged everything alongside titles such as “The Terminal List”, We recommend you watch “Reacher” and “Jack Ryan“.

Will we see Marvel star Chris Pratt again in season 2?

Amazon has brought a big name on board with Chris Pratt. He already played the lead role in the Amazon original “The Tomorrow War” and also goes to extremes in “The Terminal List”. For a long time, it was unclear whether the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star would agree to a second season, as he told Collider that he didn’t want to be separated from his family for long: “The second book is set somewhere else. I have a rule with my family that I limit filming that takes place far away.”

Fortunately, Pratt and Amazon have probably come to an agreement, because according to Variety, Chris Pratt is on board for “The Terminal List” season 2. However, the question remains as to which actors will be at his side. According to the plot, Amazon would have to cast Raife “R” Hastings and Mohammed Farooq.

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