The Terminal List Season 2: Role model for “Reacher”? Amazon series with Chris Pratt to be expanded into an action franchise

Before Alan Ritchson and "Reacher", Chris Pratt provided plenty of action on Amazon as James Reece in "The Terminal List". And a prequel series is soon to follow.

The massive mega-success of the Amazon series “Reacher” continues a trend that began around ten years ago with the action film “John Wick” and is slowly but surely overtaking the comic book movie: The global audience has apparently had its fill of superhumanly strong and flying meta-beings, some of whom use their supernatural abilities to traverse and manipulate time and space at will. Now it’s back to basics – back to down-to-earth stories about almost ordinary people who make all the difference. This is particularly evident in the success of the “John Wick” series, but also in the fact that action fans can’t get enough of series productions such as “Reacher” or “The Night Agent”. This is because they do not combine action with fantasy or sci-fi, but with thrills and suspense.

Reacher season 3 is already in the works. No wonder, Amazon has shown the right instinct here. In general, the majority of the company’s productions are aimed at an adult audience; “Jack Ryan” and “The Terminal List” have already proven this. The latter series in particular, starring Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch and Constance Wu, has become an insider tip. If you love “Reacher”, you should also give this action thriller a chance – if you haven’t already.

Those who have already finished the series, on the other hand, can rejoice: Not only is The Terminal List season 2 coming, but also a prequel series focusing on Taylor Kitsch’s character Ben Edwards. The official title of the production has just been revealed:

“From the producers of ‘The Terminal List’ and New York Times bestselling author Jack Carr introducing ‘The Terminal List: Dark Wolf’, a prequel series featuring Ben Edwards and James Reece. Production begins early this year.”

The first season of “The Terminal List,” based on James Carr’s thriller of the same name, focused on Navy Seal member James Reece (Chris Pratt), who is ambushed with his platoon on a sensitive and covert mission that wipes out his entire squad. What initially looks like an occupational hazard soon turns out to be a conspiracy that endangers the lives of everyone close to him. You can watch the trailer here.

“The Terminal List: Dark Wolf”: Chris Pratt is also back on board

“Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt will also be part of the prequel series “The Terminal List: Dark Wolf”, as he revealed in a statement (via TV-Line). No wonder, as both Pratt and Kitsch are responsible for the series as producers alongside “The Equalizer” director Antoine Fuqua:

“And for those who are fans of Taylor Kitsch‘s Ben Edwards, I’m happy to say that we’re also working on a spinoff series that will delve deeper into his story and follow his journey from a Navy SEAL to a CIA operative. And to make it even more exciting, I will also be appearing in this prequel series! I promise you it will be just as thrilling and engaging as The Terminal List.”

Chris Pratt told TV-Line

In addition to Taylor Kitsch and Chris Pratt, Raife Hastings, Mohammes Farooq and Jared Shaw will also be part of the cast.

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