The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 2 Confirmed: When Will The Spin-Off Sequel Start?

Fans of “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” can rejoice: Season 2 will continue the zombie spin-off.

The eleventh season may have concluded the main series “The Walking Dead“, but there is still no end in sight for the zombie franchise. Even before the spin-off about loner Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) had premiered, the sequel was already a certainty. At San Diego Comic-Con, Dan McDermott, head of entertainment at AMC, officially gave the green light for “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” season 2 (via Variety):

“Ahead of the series premiere, we’re excited to bring the apocalypse to France for a second time with Daryl, transforming Notre Dame, Pont du Gard and other iconic locations into an apocalyptic landscape like we’ve never seen before.”

As can be seen in the clip, “The Walking Dead” character Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) now also takes centre stage alongside title hero Daryl Dixon. Accordingly, season 2 has been given the nickname “The Book of Carol”. The new episodes will focus on how the two characters find their way back to each other.

When will “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” season 2 start?

In the USA, Daryl Dixon celebrated his solo debut on AMC+ and AMC in September 2023. It remains to be seen when exactly “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” season 2 will continue. However, the teaser trailer above already reveals a rough time frame: the comeback of Daryl and Carol awaits us with new episodes in autumn 2024.

It is not yet known whether season 2 will flicker across our screens at the same time as the US release or whether we will have to prepare for a delay of a few months again.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 2 Plot: What happens next?

Warning: Slight spoilers for “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” season 1 follow

As the end of the first season reveals, Daryl’s involuntary trip to France does not go unnoticed in his home country. In season 2, Carol embarks on a search for her familiar, who in turn struggles with his fate in Europe: should he seek a way back to the Commonwealth or build a new life alongside Isabelle (Clémence Poésy) and Laurent (Louis Puech Scigliuzzi)?

While it was rumoured for a long time that Carol actress Melissa McBride would not be part of the spin-off after all, it is now clear that she will be taking on a leading role in season 2. At the New York City Comic Con 2023, she announced her return to the world of the zombie franchise with the following words (via Screen Rant):

“I knew there was so much more to tell about Carol because I sensed she was so restless the last time we saw her, watching her stare after her boyfriend Daryl as he drove away. Whether apart or (hopefully!) together, their stories are profound, and I’m so excited to continue Carol’s journey here. This team of narrators has done a great job of integrating these two established characters into a completely new world for them and I love the discoveries!”

Fellow actor Norman Reedus added:

“My good friend, the talented, beautiful Melissa McBride will be taking on a permanent role in the series in season 2. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Cast: Who will be in “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” season 2?

Fans can look forward to a reunion with lead actor Norman Reedus and Carol actress Melissa McBride. According to the teaser trailer, Clémence Poésy (playing Isabelle) and Louis Puech Scigliuzzi (playing Laurent) will also be back. It remains to be seen which other characters will join the cast. It is almost certain, however, that they will come across previously unknown faces together.

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