After 16 Years: Timur Bekmambetov & Chris Pratt shoot gigantic sci-fi action film for Amazon

Chris Pratt & Timur Bekmambetov is back as the action hero in the upcoming sci-fi action film. And Amazon will be releasing the film in cinemas.

Does anyone remember the ungrateful best buddy of James McAvoy’s Wesley Gibson in the action revelation “Wanted”? That’s right, that was Barry, the sleazy guy who slept with his girlfriend behind Wesley’s back and who got a slap in the face from him that threatened to break down the fourth wall to the audience. Chris Pratt played this insignificant side note. This was around a year before the sitcom “Parks and Recreation”, with which he was to celebrate his breakthrough as a comedian.

“Wanted” director Timur Bekmambetov was able to experience Chris Pratt as a rather unknown and insignificant supporting actor in his day. Now, 18 years later, he will be working with him again – only that Pratt is now one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars and, with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” trilogies, has two of the most important film series of recent years in the dream factory on his CV; in each of which he played the lead role, of course.

As Deadline reports, Amazon MGM Studios has secured the rights to Bekmambetov’s sci-fi action film “Mercy“. And unlike Doug Liman’s remake of the 80s cult actioner “Road House”, the genre film written by author Marco van Belle (“Arthur & Belle”) is set to be released in cinemas. At least that’s what Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon MGM Studios, assures us:

“From the moment Chuck Roven brought us Mercy and we read Marco van Belle’s script, we knew the film was meant for the big screen,” said Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon MGM Studios. “As our relationship with The Terminal List and The Tomorrow War’s Chris Pratt continues to extend across film, we can’t wait to watch him bring this action-packed story to life, guided by Chuck and the vision of director Timur Bekmambetov. We could not imagine a better star and filmmaking team to execute on and deliver what is sure to be a gripping thrill ride and look forward to audiences being able to experience it in theaters.”

Work on the production itself is apparently set to begin in the spring. However, a theatrical release is unlikely before 2025/2026.

‘Mercy’: Chris Pratt becomes the poster boy for Amazon

In “Mercy”, Chris Pratt will play a police officer in the near future who is accused of a brutal crime and must do everything in his power to prove his innocence. Based on this premise, it sounds like an even darker version of Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report”, only without Tom Cruise and without precogs.

But knowing Bekmambetov’s work, “Mercy” is sure to be a visually impressive film. The Russian filmmaker may also be using a completely new technique. After all, the aim is to outdo the genre competition if Amazon allows a theatrical release, although according to Doug Liman, the company has no interest in “supporting cinema”. Bekmambetov himself is full of anticipation for his new project:

“Amazon is the ideal partner to tell this important story about the future challenged by artificial intelligence and to engage in discourse with a broad audience. I’m thrilled to be working with Chris Pratt again on this project, who has become one of the highest-grossing stars of our time since the release of ‘Wanted’. Working with Chuck Roven will help us create an epic cinematic experience.”

And for Pratt, “Mercy” will be another Amazon project on the notch after “The Tomorrow War” and “The Terminal List”. “The Terminal List” season 2 and the prequel series “The Terminal List: Dark Wolf” are also in the works.

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